Flat Flags

Beautiful world flags in flat design

A lot of artists, myself included, sell art online, uploading designs to POD (print-on-demand) websites, and make them available in a huge variety of products. These websites made possible for anyone to create and sell goods with no effort and no costs, becoming a source of passive income, and give consumers the opportunity to acquire beautiful and unique design art.

A few years ago I discovered Redbubble, and setup a store with few of my designs. The only thing I did, was make art, adapt it to their products, and upload it, they take care of all the production and shipping.

While freelancing, creating User Interfaces for applications and researching on “flat design”, I had the idea to create the world’s flags in this trend and sell them online. So, I decided to create 196 flags and some more. Emphasized on the minimum use of stylistic effects, focused on a minimalist use of simple elements and flat (solid) colors.

In the example below, I changed the armillary sphere from the portuguese flag to a yellow circle, the bicolor rectangles have a small drop shadow that gives the illusion of three dimensions.

After the daunting job of creating all the world flags, I wanted to do a few more variations of the designs, so I did one with a drop shadow, country map boundaries, waving flag, stylish combination of flag and map boundaries.

So, 196 flags, plus 4 variations, multiplied by a varied number of templates for the various products available, I spent about 5 months working on photoshop until I finished. I decided to setup a store on redbubble because it offers the most user friendly and faster tools for creating awesome high quality products.

Now I have a store that can appeal to the patriotism of all the citizens of the world, and at the same time, make my work known and raise potential customers.

Check out the store HERE!